Conditions of Sale

General Conditions of Sale for Sartoria Rossi products purchased through the website

Field of Application
These General Conditions of Sale are applicable to all purchases made remotely through the website, with deliveries throughout Italy and abroad.
Placing a purchase order through Sartoria Rossi Customer Service, or through the website, implies complete, exhaustive knowledge of the aforementioned General Conditions of Sale, as well as acceptance thereof in full.

Customers unconditionally accept these General Conditions of Sale, and undertake to observe them in their dealings with Sartoria Rossi. They also undertake to accept the payment conditions illustrated below, declaring that they have read and accepted all the indications provided and acknowledging that Sartoria Rossi will not be bound to conditions other than these, unless previously agreed upon in writing.

Publication and Changes
These General Conditions of Sale are published on the website, so that Customers may view, examine, memorise and copy them. Sartoria Rossi reserves the right to make changes to these General Conditions of Sale. New General Conditions of Sale will become effective from the date on which they are published on the Website.

Ordering Products
Purchase orders sent by Customers may be processed through the website only by persons over 18 and not legally incapacitated.
Products remain the property of Sartoria Rossi until the Customer has paid the total amount owed in full.
Sartoria Rossi will dispatch products only after receiving confirmation that the total amount owed has been paid in full by the Customer.

Selection Procedure and Purchase of Products
Customers may choose one or more Products that interest them on the Website by adding them to the virtual Shopping Bag by clicking on the “Add to Shopping Bag” button.
At the same time, they may also purchase the Tailoring Work necessary to ensure the products are a perfect fit.

A description of the most important features of the Products, including details and composition, fit, colours and sizes (where appropriate), warehouse availability and retail price, can be found on the Website, in each Product Specifications File, accompanied by one or more high-quality digital photographs.

While Sartoria Rossi adopts measures to ensure that the photographs shown on the Website are faithful reproductions of the original Products, the images and colours of the Products offered for sale on the Website may not correspond perfectly to the actual items, as a result of the browser and/or monitor used. Sartoria Rossi may not be held responsible for any inadequacies in the graphic representations of the Products shown on the Website where due to the aforementioned technical reasons.

Sartoria Rossi reserves the right to remove any Product from the Website at any time and/or to remove or make changes to any description or image of said Products.
Customers must check the content of their Shopping Bag is correct, entering any promotional codes they may have in the pertinent section. The Shopping Bag may be modified at any time before the Order Confirmation.

Customers who have not already registered or do not intend to register on the Website, or who have decided to browse the Website anonymously, may enter their e-mail address to complete the purchase via e-mail.

Customers will be asked to indicate the Billing address to which Sartoria Rossi is to send the invoice, and to fill out all the fields required for the invoice to be issued.
Customers must therefore select their chosen means of Delivery, specifying the Delivery address if different from the billing address.
Customers who choose to collect their purchases from one of the boutiques will be asked to specify the address of the Sartoria Rossi Boutique they wish to go to for collection, in Italy or abroad.
Customers will then select their chosen Payment method and enter the data requested; Customers who choose PayPal will be redirected to the pertinent Website.
Lastly, Customers will be shown a summary of the Order and all the data provided. Before transmitting the Order, they will have the opportunity to identify and correct any errors. Customers will then be asked to confirm that they have read and accepted these General Conditions of Sale, which also contain the information on the Right of Withdrawal, the Terms of Use of the Website and the Data Protection Information, by ticking the appropriate box.

The Order will be transmitted to Sartoria Rossi once the Customer confirms he/she wishes to complete the purchase by selecting the appropriate command.
Once the Order has been registered and it has been confirmed that the Customer’s chosen method of payment is valid, Sartoria Rossi will send Order Confirmation to the e-mail address supplied by the Customer at the purchase stage. This e-mail will contain: the number and date of the Order, a summary of the Products contained in the Shopping Bag, the amount of the Order, inclusive of applicable delivery costs and taxes, mention of the Right of Withdrawal – indicating how and by when Products may be returned – and the contact details of the Customer Care service for any clarification or assistance that may be required regarding the Order.

The Order will be filed in the Sartoria Rossi data bank for the time necessary to execute it and in any case for the time required by law. To access their Orders, Customers, if they have registered, may consult the “My Account” section of the Website; in all cases, they may refer to the Order Confirmation e-mail.

Availability of Products
The Website shows the Sartoria Rossi brand clothing items and accessories present at the time of the Order.
Sartoria Rossi continually monitors and updates the effective availability of the Products. However, since the Website may be visited by several Customers at the same time, it sometimes happens that more than one Customer purchases the same Product at the same time. In such cases, the Product may, for a brief period of time, appear to be available, while in actual fact it is no longer in stock or not immediately available until stocks are replenished.
In the event a Product is not available, Sartoria Rossi will notify the Customer, using the contacts provided.
The Customer will, in all cases, be entitled to terminate the Contract immediately. Alternatively, without prejudice to the right to termination, the Customers may accept one of the following solutions:

an extension of delivery times, if the Product is to be restocked;
replacement with a different Product, of the same or of a higher value, with payment of the difference in the latter case and subject to specific acceptance on the part of the Customer;
In the event the Customers exercises the right to termination, Sartoria Rossi will refund any amount paid by the Customer, using the same payment method the Customer used for the purchase.

Order Cancellation – Termination of Contract
Customers may cancel the Order, thereby terminating the contract, by contacting Sartoria Rossi Customer Service up until the moment the Products are dispatched. This entitlement is in addition to the Right of Withdrawal and without prejudice to it.
In the event that payment of the Total Amount Due is not confirmed or is not accepted, the purchase contract will be considered legally terminated pursuant to and in accordance with art. 1456 of the Italian Civil Code. Customers will receive e-mail notification of the termination of the contract and consequently of the cancellation of the Order.

“My Account”: Customers’ Personal Section
Registration on the Website and the creation of a Customer Account is optional and not mandatory.
Customers who have decided to register may access and print their Order at any time.

Prices of Products
The prices of the Products are understood to be inclusive of all taxes and duties, as well as ordinary national Delivery costs, unless otherwise indicated on the Website or directly indicated in the subtotal of the Shopping Bag for each individual Order.
The price of the Products on sale on the Website may vary depending on the country where the Product is sold and dispatched to.

Promotional Codes
Promotional codes can be used only for distance sales of Sartoria Rossi Products on the Website.
Promotional codes are valid for the period of time indicated on them, and may entitle the holder to a discount or a particular service free of charge. They may be applicable to the purchase of a limited number of Products and valid only in a number of countries.

Promotional codes cannot be combined with one another, and each promotional code may be used for one Order only. In any case, Sartoria Rossi will specifically inform Customers regarding the terms of use applicable to the Promotional Code received on a case-by-case basis.

Customers must enter the promotional code after selecting the Products, using the pertinent space in the Shopping Bag.

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